Amanda Akers



Contact Amanda directly at: 406-534-1426  Please call for an appointment.

She has 11 years experience moving to Tennessee from Billings, Montana. Amanda found her passion in eyelash extensions and has specialized in eyelash extensions exclusively for the last 5 years.

Amanda is also a certified Classic and Volume Educator for the Glad Lash Academy.



Classic Eyelash Extensions    $ 175

One enhancement applied to each individual natural lash to create a look of longer lashes and a darker lash line.

60 minute touch-up $ 50


Volume Eyelash Extensions     $ 225

2 – 5 ultra thin and lightweight enhancements applied to each individual natural lash and flared out to create more volume and an ultra dark lash line.

60 minute touch-up $65


All of Glad Lash’s eyelash extension waterproof glues and lash removers are medical grade and carefully tested to ensure the highest quality and safety standards available for eyelash extension application and removal. Offering superior bonding performance, our adhesives are prepared to take on any occasion or activity.


I am excited to grow my beauty business here in Knoxville!